Attract them to your blog with email newsletter

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Email newsletter: What is it?

Email newsletters filled with ads and sponsored content represent a huge opportunity for publishers who want to drive revenue. They are essentially an email, usually an edm with summarised content that makes or break the attention you get to your blog.

How to generate revenue with email newsletter?

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Ways to drive revenue with email newsletter are done through 3 primary opportunities: subscription models, ad space, and sponsored content. 

Use a subscription model

One of the most popular methods to drive revenue for publishers is to charge a subscription for content. After all, it costs money to receive a newspaper or magazine in print. Even though we’re in the digital age, content subscriptions still represent an opportunity for revenue. But you have to create email marketing campaigns that highlight paid content to encourage readers to subscribe.

1. Balance free and premium content and users

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If you’re using a paid subscription model, then you must balance what you give away for free with premium content. The goal is always to encourage more casual readers, those who read the free content, to sign up for a premium subscription.

One way to inspire the transition from free to paid content is to show the beginning of an article or post in the email body. This entices the reader and makes them feel like they have privileged access to the content. Just like some academic sites where they show a part to make potential users curious. If they really need it, they will convert.

Offer a mix of free and paid content

Another example of this could be like Viu, where you get to watch free drama or pay to watch exclusive movies.

Examples of email newsletter

Your email could contain the copy from a free post. Give links to paid posts either at the beginning or end of the email. The same effect occurs: people will see the free content and may be more inclined to click through to the paid content, thus increasing the chance of converting to a paid member. One example is to send freebie to let people “try” premium experiences. Don’t forget to make your email newsletter relevant.

2. Send automated content

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Automation makes everything easier. Integrating your email marketing platform with third-party services will make everything smarter and segmenting easier. Automatically push published content into an email, and then provide relevant suggestions based on the topic you’ve designated for that post.

Sell ad space in your email marketing campaigns

Publishers and content marketers have long relied on print and website ads to create revenue. The world of ads has opened up to email marketing campaigns, potentially making your emails even more profitable.

3. Create dynamic content banner ads

When it comes to banner ads, be relevant. they need to be appropriate for the recipient. It doesn’t make sense to have ads for cosmetics in an email marketing campaign that highlights home improvement.

Apart from matching the content, it’s also important to match the recipient. Utilizing demographic information based on gender and location is a great start. You can tailor your ads to fit the type of person you’re emailing to.

Going a step further, if you can incorporate these demographics with past campaign information—emails opened, content clicked on— you can begin incorporating dynamic banner ads based on segments you’ve created.

5. Use transactional emails

Transactional emails, sometimes called “system-triggered” emails, are automatic emails that are triggered by an action, such as signing up for a newsletter, creating an account, or placing an order. Because some of these emails, like welcome emails, have such high open rates (a potential 86% lift above regular emails), they’re perfect for ad spots.

Many retailers include promo codes in their welcome emails, offering a discount as a thank you. This is like many blog shops! This is a prime position for a sponsored ad. You could offer thanks to the new subscriber by including an ad at the bottom that includes a discount.

6. Sponsored content posts

In the midst of your content newsletter, there are definite opportunities to include content from other companies and marketers. While it’s important to maintain your brand standards, you should be able to incorporate other content and get paid for it. This example shows how easy and natural it can be for your email marketing campaign to incorporate sponsored content.


It’s worth the effort to make these ads look natural in the lineup of your email marketing campaigns. If your readers are having a great experience interacting with them, you’ll be able to generate more revenue as your ad partners see the value behind those placements.

Way to start a food blog

start a food blog

Start a food blog

Do you like food? Not just eating it, but also trying new recipes and reading about  it? Then start a food blog might be what you love to do! The love for food may make this job sound easy, but it takes a lot of planning and action to be successful.

Credits to: Tastemaker Conference 

Why start a food blog?

start a food blog

  • You can turn your enjoyment of food into income.
  • No one stops you from being creative with your creations.
  • It’s easy and affordable to get started.
  • Everyone needs to eat, so hello to ads and more money!
  • Add value by building a community with food lovers

What does it take to own a successful blog?

If you want to be successful, you would need to commit to your blog. This means that you need to generate new content often. This is the only way to bring you to the attention of blog readers and on google search ranking.

Why high commitments? More new content means a lot of cooking and new ideas generation. In addition, you need to own a camera and also, equip yourself with the skills to great photography. As your photographs will represent the taste and impressions of your creations and cooking process. This hard work can take time, but building up a readership will lead to a good income. Essentially, hard work will pay off. 

How to Start a Food Blog

  • Decide what type of food you want to consider

You can start by filtering your favourites tastes. One tip is that niches always do better than general topics, even when it comes to food. Niches to consider are carb, sugar-free, vegan or baking. Or you can specialize in a type of food such as desserts, pasta or even salads.

  • Create a blog name

start a food blog

Choose a name that describes your blog and is available as a domain name. When coming up with your name, be descriptive, but not too limiting that you can’t expand on your idea. Let your readers know what you are promoting and writing. Be as direct as possible. 

  • Domain name and webhosting

You can create a blog on free sources such as Blogger or WordPress, but the most successful (and profitable) bloggers, have their own hosting. Many web-hosts will include the purchase of your domain name when signing up for service. Or you can buy them separately. Choose a web-host that offers easy WordPress install. There are other content management platforms, but WordPress is the most used and one of the easiest to learn.

  • Choose a proper theme

start a food blog

Once installed, choose a theme that works well with food. From within your WordPress dashboard you can search “food” themes and click to install. For best results, choose a theme that is responsive (adjusts for easy reading on tablets and smartphones), optimized for search engines, and is easy for readers to navigate. You can get themes for free, but you might want to consider purchasing a theme for greater customization and features.

  • Install plugins to maximize the site

The basic plugins you should install include Askimet for comment spam filtering, social media tools so people can share your content, caching to make your site load faster and be less of a drain on your host, contact form (don’t put your email address on your blog or you’ll get spam), and Google Analytics. Also, consider adding  foodie plugins such as EasyRecipe, which makes it easy to enter and print recipes, as well as optimizes your recipes for Google.

  • Set up a mailing list

start a food blog

Email lists will help you generate more income. How? You can email your list to let it know about new recipes, reminding people to return to your site so they can then click on your monetization options. You can also email special offers and promotions.  Use an email service and paste a sign-up form on your blog. 

  • Add recipes

start a food blog

You should add 10 to 15 recipes right away so readers have several to read. After that, create a blogging schedule to add several recipes a week.  When you add your recipes, take appetizing photos and write clear, step-by-step instructions. Don’t be afraid to add personalized information such as changes you made to the recipe or stories about the recipe’s history (i.e. if it’s grandma’s recipe).

  • Promote your blog

start a food blog

One myth many have is that by building a blog, people will read it. But that’s not true. People can’t read what they don’t know about. While you want to optimize for search engines, you can’t rely on search engines alone to drive traffic to your blog. Set up social media accounts such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter to share your recipes.  Make videos that you can post on your blog, but also publish on YouTube.

Develop an online marketing plan to reach your target market. Don’t forget to consider off-line marketing strategies as well.

  • Monetize your blog

Making money requires having traffic, which is why you need to market (#8) before you monetize. But once you have visitors to your blog, start adding money-making resources. A few options include contextual advertising such as Google AdSense and affiliate programs, such as promoting cooking tools. 

Blogging is a business, so don’t forget to take care of legal matters such as business permits and self-employment taxes.

Getting to know Singapore instagram influencer Andrea Chong

“I don’t believe in off-days or weekdays… You should be lucky that there’s work. You should be paranoid if there’s no work.”

Credits: PAKKEE TAN (

andrea chong, drea chong, social media marketing, singapore top influencers, singapore fashion influncer, singapore top influencers

Andrea Chong, You know her by her Instagram handle @dreachong.  With over 300k followers, has made a great name out of her handle internationally at an extremely young age!

Let’s get to know her better through a summarised version of her interview with harpersbazaar.

You may be surprised that but Andrea never started out wanting to be a social media influencer.

I grew up wanting to be

andrea chong, @dreachong, social media, singapore influencer, singapore top influencer, influencer marketing

“I grew up wanting to be a teacher. It all began with a hosting gig and modelling for online stores,” she says. “I started taking photos of my outfits, people started following me for what I was wearing, then it took over my life and became a career.”

It must not be easy to sustain a career as an influencer for so long. Let’s find out what’s the drive thats keeping her going for so many years.

My philosophy is…

I work hard, I don’t play at all. The opportunity cost of taking a break is too much. I’m young, I don’t believe in off-days or weekdays… You should be lucky that there’s work. You should be paranoid if there’s no work.

A typical day for me is…

social media marketing, andrea chong, drea chong, instagram marketing, social media, influencer marketing

Waking up at 5:30am and sleeping around 11pm. She says that she have no social life. Started working at 17, and that has always been her focus. 

Andrea’s daily routine include sending her dad and boyfriend to work, do some shoots and spend the rest of the day replying emails, coming up with concepts or attending meetings.

I like to explore…

travel, andrea chong, social media marketing, influencer marketing

Unconventional travel destinations. I went on a safari in South Africa where I saw lions up close and tried zebra meat. I got to sleep under the stars in the Sahara Desert, and I loved Chefchaouen in Morocco – it’s the blue version of Santorini.

With so much competition out in the influencer marketing sphere, how does she remain true and authentic?

I stay true to myself by…

Telling myself “I’m not doing the best that I can.” I set a very high standard for myself; I need to be better, be it when it comes to writing, shooting or creating content.

The goal is to…

goal, andrea chong, influencer marketing, social media

Be behind the camera, working on the production and creation of content that I have control over. I also want to be a mum, I’d be a total soccer mum. I value family time a lot—I always make it a point to have at least one meal a day with my dad.

Here’s concluding with a motivational do what makes you happy from @dreachong!


What you love; do what makes you happy. But if you want to make it your career, be smart and savvy about it. Think about how you can make it profitable.

Guide to creating attractive genuine blog post

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How to write an attractive genuine blog post?

Maintaining a blog is hard work. The average marketer spends between 60 and 90 minutes on one shorter than average blog post. That’s a lot of time spent right? You can find out more about how bloggers approach writing here. Writing a genuine blog post is extremely important.

All that time can easily go to waste if the post doesn’t drive traffic and no one is reading it.  Do blogs still work? Long form content is definitely here to stay, you can follow these tips to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

1. Avoid promotion

genuine blog post, blogging tips

You have to remember the reason why people visit your blog. They are not here to read about a detailed advertisement. They are looking for something. Direct promotion in a blog is obvious to nearly everyone. Advertisements are made online, and this isn’t 2008 when no one realized that people pay for contextual placements online. Do yourself and your brand a huge favor, and make your posts have great content. A lack of promotion is always the best promotion.

One way to bring in advertisements is through personal experiences. Authenticity is really important in this time and age.

2. Personalize your posts

genuine blog post, personalise post

Everyone has a unique writing style. Content is never as great as if it were to come directly from you. Even if you don’t have time to write all your own content, at least spend 10-15 minutes personalizing it. Add your personal flare. Those little touches will make your content that much more readable and valuable to your readers.  

3. Use visuals

genuine blog post, blogging tips, visuals blogging, blogging visuals, use visuals
Seeing perfectly with glasses

We are visual animals. Include infographics, videos, pictures. Content these days can be so much more than just words on a page. Yes, it takes more time to put together great visuals with a contextual post, but visuals really can make or break your content.

4. Use examples

Use examples. Your opinion is valuable, but life experiences and real world examples are priceless. You have to make your content relatable. Try using case studies, quoting your friend’s experiences or statistics.  It will help establish authority for you and your blog.


5. Format properly

format properly, blogging, blogging tips

Make it easy for your reader. You can always start with an outline then continue to expand your content. Make the headings of the outlines pop so the post flows. People, more often than not, will skim your post and just read the major headings, so make sure you capture them right there.

6. Be there when they search for you

Not everyone is going to have a huge following when they write a post. Make sure you have a strategy to actually get people reading your posts. 

  • Email newsletter: Send your opt-in email list a notice when a new post is up!
  • Social: Bring it up to your social media, be it stories, or captions. Use them!
  • SEO: Optimize your post to rank for long tail keywords so when people search, they find you.
  • Write regularly: Over time, you will grow a following on your blog with a regular blog update. Who knows people who regularly check back at your site. 

If you manage to do these things right, over time, your blog posts will no longer feel like a chore, and you’ll reap the benefits of regularly blogging!

How to start a fashion blog

fashion blog how, how to start a fashion blog, fashion blog, blogging

How to start a fashion blog?

Have the desire to contribute to the fashion industry but unsure of how to possess stronger presence online?

Social Media

instagram shopping, fashion blog, how to start a fashion blog, fashion blog, blogging

You can start by extending your reach by integrating your blog with social media. One way is through Instagram. For example, you can upload and notify your readers of a new post through interactive Instagram stories! It is one of the fastest means to boost the growth of your blog organically.

Tips for new bloggers

1. Quality Content

quality content, how to start a fashion blog, blogging, how to blog

Always remember that this industry is free entry, and that means there are many influencers like you. The aim is the same: To pursue your passion and profit by working with brands.

At this highly saturated stage, many brands are also highly wary and careful about their selections of the bloggers. As blogs are more of a long form content, numbers is not enough to represent. The content needs to be well-written and engaging in a blog to attract big brands. And this brings us to the next point.

2. Remember your value

blogging, how to start a fashion blog

Know what you are good at, and the reason you started. Do not worry, everyone is self-conscious when making a sales pitch. “Am I overselling my writing? Am I overestimating my reach?” Let your audience and numbers speak. You have nothing to fear. Avoiding such thinking from the get-go is imperative. If you do not value your work, no one else will.

3. Collaborate and make friends

collaborate, how to start a fashion blog

Collaborations will help you get noticed by competitor brands and broader audiences. It is a win win situation. It is a natural tendency to be wary of collaborating with brands in the very beginning. But make sure to associate with brands that are related to, and add value to your endeavour. Do not do it for the money, think from the perspectives of your readers.

4. Give value to your readers

A blog is successful as long as it has a good readership. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your readers derive value out of your writing. Be sure you invite people to share opinions on your blog. Respond to comments on posts promptly. Talk to your readers. Know that they mean something to you. If you keep your readers engaged, you’ll inevitably create a loyal readership.

5. Love your blog and what you do

love blog, love blogging, blogging, how to start a fashion blog, blog

People can see your passion through your words. The effort you put into your entries may eventually amount to something. It is essential to keep in mind that the above suggestions may help you get on the right track faster. But you will make your own mistakes and face some challenges along the way.

Influencer marketing: How startups can partner with influencers?

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Influencer marketing | The marketing rules are changing and smaller companies are working to catch up

Lately, many brands connect with social media influencers to promote their products/services in hopes to build a brand efficiently. 

Why influencer marketing?

influencer marketing, influencers, social media

No one likes ads. Let’s admit it. If brands keep pushing it right at consumers in hopes to boost sales, this only interrupts user’s experience. Customers see so many ads daily that they are unconsciously turning them out.

Power of social media

Partnering with influencers one of the powerful ways to reach a wider target audience base. Startups can focus on influencer marketing because influencers have thousands of followers. This easily command “fans” to act along with a effective campaign simply with one well-timed photo/caption. Business owners, then, can save time and money on reaching out to the target audience to expose their brand.

Long form content like blogs should still stay, although social media platforms are gaining more traction. Instagram and Facebook are the preferred channels for Influencer engagement.  Good news is, you can make use of these popular social media to increase your reach for your blog. 

Find out more about how long form content is still attractive for influencer marketing.

In addition, here’s a list for why startups should work with influencers.

Accurately reach target audience

influencer marketing, influencer

If we look at the brand building, there is always a reason big brands pay celebrities to endorse their brand. In contrast to traditional advertising, influencer advertising places products within the organic content. It creates an authentic appeal and a more pleasurable experience for consumers. 

Find out how to work with influencers here!

“Seeing the right target audience (which is also area specific sometimes), the trust their followers have in them and the organic nature of that following help startups to reach the right audience at the right place and time,” shared Mehra.

Create a Winning Advantage

Generally, brands collaborate with influencers to promote the brand by sharing the news of their latest product launch. This is usually done in the format of stories or a post. Because of the reach and engaged audience an influencer has, brands can tap into when launching a new impression.

How to find the right influencer?

influencer marketing, social media

The main thing to note and keep in mind is to find the right influencer for your target audience with good engagement and genuine following. With a good context and creative input from an influencer, a brand can create a winning advantage and differentiation right at the start.

Drive More Engagements

Most people consider other’s opinion online before buying a product or using a service. That’s how word of mouth is triumphing social media.

How to start influencer marketing?

You can start by identifying key opinion leaders from that related segment. For example, leading beauty influencers with a decent following that meets your budget. You stand a better chance if they share an affinity with your brand and is already a user. This builds a more authentic relationship by partnering with them and building a long-term relationship.

You will definitely be the ‘lucky’ one to tell your brand’s story to their followers through he/she.

Influencer marketing done right

influencer marketing

If influencer marketing is done right, can not only help a brand to raise awareness or achieve massive reach. 

Tips for Branding and Blogging with Social Media

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Branding yourself on Social media

There’s so much that goes into creating a successful small business marketing campaign. Branding, content marketing and social media all play important roles in this area. So you need to come up with the mix best for you.

Here are some of top tips by members of the online small business community for promoting your small business with content marketing, social media and branding.

Importance of Consistent Branding

consistent branding

If you want customers to remember your business, you need to create a brand identity that’s consistent across platforms and messages. Consistency is a main tenant of branding, but it’s still something some entrepreneurs overlook.

Improve customer social media content distribution

social media, customer service

When you’re marketing a consumer focused business on social media, content creation is only part of the process. You also need to be able to distribute this content effectively.

Keep up with changes in social media

Social media platforms are constantly changing and updating. So if you want your marketing strategy to be successful, you need to be able to adjust to those changes.

Consider the ideal blog post length 

blog post length, ideal blog post length

There are many schools of thought about how long blog posts should be in order to attract the most possible search traffic. There’s not a simple answer to the question. But there are many things you can consider to make a good decision.

Update old blog posts when you’re out of ideas

If you find yourself out of ideas for what to post on your business’s blog, you could simply go back and repurpose some previous content.

Be Creative

be creative
Creativity watercolor concept with be creative lettering and art and logic symbols set vector illustration

Creating effective content for your business requires a lot of creative thinking. This creativity grows over time for a lot of business owners, but there are some things you can do to intentionally develop this characteristic.


Talk to your customers

talk to customer, customer relations,

One of the main purposes of using social media is to start conversations with customers. You can even build bot sequences to automate parts of the process.

Don’t miss out on free online advertising opportunities

When you first start your website, you might actually find the opportunity to take advantage of some free advertising credits. A recent post by Susan Solovic goes over how to best utilize these opportunities so they make a big impact on your business.

Incorporate video into business

youtube, video, business video

Video has so many different potential applications for businesses, from content marketing to training. So if you have yet to make use of this format, this explains why you should rethink this strategy.

Guide to develop a digital brand presence

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Establish your digital brand presence online

If you want to turn your small business into a big one, at some point you’re going to need to go digital. There’s even more money to be had online, whether that’s from becoming a social influencer, turning online ads into brick-and-mortar sales or something else entirely.

How to start?

digital presence, goal, where to start

But getting started can be tricky. You’re an expert in your business, but just because you know how to provide a great product or service doesn’t mean you know how to get strangers on the internet to buy it. What do you need to make a great website? Where should you focus your energy when developing your online presence?

We’ll walk you through three must-haves for any small business going digital: building a website, establishing the brand on social media and creating an email list. If you can do just those three things, you might not become the next online empire, but you’ll at least be off to a good start.

1. Build a website

build a website, digital brand presence, digital brand website

Making a website seems impossible for some, especially those who do not consider themselves tech-savvy. But you don’t need to be Mark Zuckerberg to create a landing pad for your customers or audience. Web builders such as WordPress or Squarespace can make it relatively simple.

That’s the key: stick to simple.

You might think that a simple webpage is boring, but look at the Entrepreneur page you’re reading right now: You don’t see a bunch of crazy flash objects or pop-ups. Instead, you see white space. You see images with 3:2 ratios (3 pixels in width for every 2 in height) and black text that’s easy to read.

This simple style allows us to create content easily, which keeps us consistent. Entrepreneur doesn’t post one article every couple of weeks — we write and publish new pieces every day, so the site is always fresh when you come to read it. In the same way, you don’t want to throw all of your resources into a single page that you’ll never be able to update or add to.

Persist and perservere

This is a long term work in progress. Do not do too much, you’re only going to make it harder for yourself down the road if you try too hard.

Be honest: to yourself and your reader

Consumers expect a page to load in two to three seconds. If the page doesn’t load quickly enough, many people will abandon the website before they even get to see it. Chance wasted.

This advice is critical if you are selling a product or service on your website. If you are going to have a main website to link your socials,  please optimize your marketing funnel. This ensures effective consumer conversion from lookers to buyers. 

Companies lose billions every year from customers who abandon their online shopping carts. There are a million reasons why this might happen, and you can’t control them all. However, you can control your website by simplifying the process. 

2. Establish your brand on a social media platform

social media, social media marketing, social media instagram

Focus on establishing your brand on a social media platform, not every one. It is hard to maintain and try to go viral on every platform. 

Locate your audience

audience, social media

Do some research on where your target audience like to be at and focus your efforts there for a start. Regardless of which platform you choose to invest in, here are two important tips to build a successful social presence.


Like your website, this is a long term investment. You will not start going viral with your post. Even if you do, one post is not enough. Look at how social media influencers and powerful brands start. They are well aware of the importance of consistency if they want to make content creation their job.

One tip may be to schedule your posts. It is always good to plan in advance. Stick to it. Don’t get swayed by comments or get impatient if you don’t see results right away. Learn and get better as you go along. You will grow, and changes will bound to happen. With time, your audience will start noticing your hardwork and grow along with you. 


Be there for your followers. If a customer has a complaint, he or she might reach out to you on social media to ask about a solution. The way you react in those moments will define how many of your potential customers see you. So try to make sure you always put your best foot forward — you never know who might see your post or what kind of following they have.

How to Publish, Promote, and Monitor Pillar Page Content to Maximize SEO and Reach

How to maximise SEO

seo, blogging seo, content creation

Pillar pages can be a great way to boost SEO for the services you offer. There are three general phases in a pillar page campaign; planning, content creation, and promotion. You need to do the planning, and your content needs to be great – but promotion is perhaps the most important part of a pillar page campaign.

And while simply having a pillar page with links pointing to it from your separate content pieces will boost your SEO, you can get much more traffic, and generate more leads, if you promote the pillar page and the pillar content correctly.

To get the most traction and best results from your pillar page you need to use a promotion strategy that keeps your topic top of mind with your audience. You should also monitor performance so that you can optimize your pillar content and promotion schedule.

Here’s a break down for you. It includes explanation on how to publish, promote, and monitor pillar page content to maximize SEO and reach.

Publish All Content and Verify Links

This is the first step. Once your content is done, get it all published.

  • Publish the pillar page
  • Publish all content pieces
  • Verify all links to external content from the pillar page work
  • Verify all links to the pillar page from the separate content pieces work

Setup Social Monitoring

social monitoring

Configure social listening tools to monitor for the keywords used on your pillar page. If you don’t have social listening tools here are some options to consider:

  • Google Alerts Free, but less functional than many paid versions which can often monitor more social networks, blogs, and websites.
  • Mention Robust social monitoring, offers free and paid versions, good for daily monitoring.
  • BrandwatchRobust social monitoring, offers paid versions, good for daily monitoring.
  • There are more robust tools like Simply Measured and Nuvi as well at higher price points.

Many social, SEO, and content research tools also have social monitoring built-in. One of these include:

  • HootSuite Free and paid versions good for monitoring Twitter. Many other social media management tools offer twitter monitoring.

What to Monitor

Monitor for the following:

  • Mention your brand.
  • Include your core topic keyword.
  • Mentions of your primary subtopic keywords.

Use Monitoring to Increase Engagement


Use mentions of your keywords as an opportunity to respond on the same social channel, and provide additional value to those participating in the conversation by answering questions, or provide links to additional information.

Also look for patterns of mentions. If your core topic or subtopics are being talked about frequently on specific channels or by specific groups, share more frequently on those channels, and target those groups with information and promotions about your pillar page and related content.

Engage Influencers

If you have relationships with influencers, reach out to them to make them aware that you’ve published your pillar page. But don’t just send a link – make the case as to why it’s important to their audience. Give them data-backed evidence as to why it matters to them.

Promote on Websites and Social Media Channels

promote social media

Promote your pillar page when it’s final and published and all the initial content is linked. You should also create a schedule of continuous promotion to keep up the buzz about your pillar page. You should also publish each linked content piece at the same time you publish the pillar page – but you should stagger some promotion tasks for these content pieces to keep your engagement fresh and grow buzz around your core topic and pillar topics. It is recommended to promote one or two pieces of content each week. After this, you should also create a schedule of continuous promotion for each broadly promoted content piece.

Share on Social Channels for Broad Promotion

When the pillar page is published and you’re ready to promote each piece of content, share it on your social channels.

An example for your share frequency includes:

  • Facebook Page – Two times over two weeks on different days and different times. Pin the most current post or popular posts.
  • Instagram – One time.

Change each post a little to keep it fresh – each time you publish, update the commentary, the text of the post, use a different image. Also consider using a linked image post with an overlaid quote, or a quote with a link back to the pillar page.

Scheduled Continuous Promotion

You want to keep all of your content out there and in front of your audience – remember, as your audience grows, continuous promotion will help new members of your online community find your published content that most interests them. Use the same tips mentioned above to keep your continuous promotion posts fresh.

Depending on the relationship you have with influencers that you engage with, notify them each time you publish a piece of content related to the pillar page. Again, be sure to tell them why the content is important to their audience.

Keep Promoting to Maximize Reach and SEO

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By promoting your pillar page and your content in this way, you can maintain the buzz around the topic, and help keep it fresh for many weeks. This will increase traffic to your pillar age and your content, which will subsequently boost SEO, maximizing reach.

Instagram OR Facebook: Which is better for your blog?

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Instagram or Facebook?

Both dominating social media with numbers and popularity. With over 500 million active users, monthly, they are the perfect platforms for brands. That is how social media is a huge trending tool for marketing campaigns.

If you haven’t heard about this, both tech giants are closely linked. Facebook is the parent of Instagram, and yes, that explains why Instagram is such a huge success!

Although they are both social media platforms, they should be approached differently to maximise your gains for your unique social media marketing campaigns and targets.

Let’s talk about the parent company first, shall we?


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Facebook is actually the most popular social media platform, with 72% of the entire Singapore population on it.

This is why Facebook is so successful; with features that:

  • Allow businesses to increase website traffic,
    • Drives crowd to website with Facebook Page or Posts
  • Create brand awareness, and
    • Through frequent Facebook posts and updates on Brand’s Page
  • Improve communication and interaction with local audiences
    • Able to answer and interact immediately, directly with customers through Brand’s Facebook Page

Here’s a few strategies to start engaging a crowd.

Share industry-related articles such as thought leadership articles, videos and photos

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This way, you will start a sharing trend to get more people engaged in their timelines. With this, you can also start connecting with like-minded people. This forms a group of people whom you can reach out to for brand engagement.

This also proves that your brand is all caught up, and is interested in educating the crowd to have no consumer-brand gaps.

Transparency and authenticity is what people love nowadays.

Periodically start discussions and encourage the audience to share their thoughts

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People always say communication is key. Have an idea to start a new product/service? Share the basic concept and test the waters! If people like it, then you are good to go!

Also, it will be a great way to understand consumer’s perspective. You may think that you are doing great, but it may not be so.

Always check back with your customers to be ensured 100% authenticity.

Collaborate with Influencers for Contest or Giveaways

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As influencers already have a group of followers. You can leverage on them to create an impressions. Remember that partnership with any influencers leaves an impression of you on customers. By partnering with influencers, you can constantly engage with consumers through influencers. This way, a brand like yours will be able to imprint lasting impressions on them. If they remember you, then there will be a higher possibility of them to purchase from a brand solf by an influencer they look up to!

Next, let’s move on to Instagram.



What is it?

A photo-sharing social media platform that allows users to interact in the forms of visuals, comments and likes.

How popular is it in Singapore?

Youths are the popular crowd on Instagram. As reflected in a TNS global study, 85% of 16 to 24-year-olds are active on Instagram.

If your target age group is here, good news for you!

This is why Instagram is so successful; with features that:

  • facilitate the increase in website traffic,
  • excelling in creating brand awareness and
  • helps brands communicate and interact with local audiences.
  • With its recent update, Instagram is also becoming more business-friendly with the addition of accessible contact button and links to company website.
  • So many Instagram famous influencers

It is really the first choice when it comes to social media campaigns.

Here’s a few strategies to start engaging a crowd.

  1. Collaborate with Influencers for Contest Giveaways
  2. Get Influencers to do social postings in the form of Instagram stories, pictures or boomerang videos. Through the usage of attractive images of the products, it should entice the consumers.
  3. Move away from advertising products. Engage followers and update them with events such as New Year’s Party, upcoming collaborations with influencers or even warehouse sales.
  4. Ride on trends. Hot topics such as Pokemon Go will interest the consumers, create positive association and draw them towards the brand.

Instagram or Facebook: Singapore’s market

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Whilst both are popular in Singapore, Instagram has proven to be more effective as for influencer marketing, with a higher engagement as follows.

Instagram: 4.2 billion likes  vs  Facebook: 1.71 billion on a daily basis.


The simple interaction feature may be a possible explanation for the higher engagement with brands on Instagram. The simple act of liking a post by double tapping or replying to a story by swiping up may drive higher engagement. This is especially tempting for brands who wants to engage with their consumers.

Facebook is not obsolete

Largely informational, consumers can find more information about a company or a brand through its Facebook page. Brands can engage their target audience with articles and content to generate shares and discussions.


Depending on the purpose and nature of your venture, both platforms are viable tools to boost a brand’s social media marketing strategy as they serve different needs, and a relatively different target audience. A tip would be to figure how you can leverage on both platforms to maximise your reach and increase your social media presence.