Do blogs still work?

Are blogs still useful?


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Raise your hand if you have asked yourself this question a thousand times in these recent years.

With the evolution of social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, the way we connect with our audiences and generating content is through a different visual method.

Now people get information through a concise text like captions and beautiful images. So, do we really need to draft long written blogs to connect with our audiences?

Blogging and content creation

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While the setting up of a blog is so easy, it’s important to work on the right context in order to make an impact in the cyber world for a long time. And essentially, making a living out of blogging… do they still work?

As online and searching spheres evolved into fast and short systems, it is extremely difficult to keep up with the trends and practices along with the advancements in technology.

But here’s 3 reasons why we still need blogs.

Drive your crowd to a commonplace

Having a social media platform, maybe say an Instagram account is to drive traffic to your website. Which is essentially a blog where relevant audiences are able to find the information they need.

If you do a good job in maintaining and generating content, people will access it directly and thus your website will generate a decent traffic. There’s a lesser distraction to getting the news across unlike social media feeds!

Long form content

You can never go wrong by being detailed with your content. The introduction of social media may have shaped us into saying things too quickly. And let’s be real, what’s the longest do you actually read for captions/posts? Maybe one to two sentences.

But some topics and need longer sentences to put the exact description across. On a blog, you will have more room for exploration and explanation and readers visit with the intention and expectation of long content.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Although there is search engine marketing available now on Google where you can place a budget to have your websites/relevant pages appear as one of the top searches as paid advertisements, SEO is the long-running safety net where Google or rather any search engines will place your websites up on their lists with optimal optimisation.

This is done essentially through keywords and many relevant topics when people search for something. The most effective way to increase your search ranking on search engines is to provide readers/searchers with relevant content that they are searching for and therefore will get engaged and thus share.

It is truly both that simple and that hard, but it’s definitely not far from achievable. Remember to update regularly so that people who are your regular readers will always get rewarded for their efforts!

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