Trends of how bloggers approach content creation

How to approach content creation?

The pace of content creation is accelerating.

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The business of creation is evolving into words of finer and better quality. This is because people are putting in more effort into drafting their words and hence the pace of this change is getting faster.

Highlights of content creation for 2018.

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Let’s get to the insights of what exactly are these changes, shall we?

  • More time and effort spent on blogging

According to orbit media, it took an average of 2.5 hours to create one average blog post. In 2016, guess how long it takes? 3 hours and 16 mins! That’s an increase of an average of 45 minutes.

Twice as many bloggers are now spending 6+ hours on their average post. The dedication to content creation is real. The competition is real.

They also found out that more time spent on content creation yields better results.

“33% of bloggers who spend 6+ hours per post report “strong results”. Only 23% of bloggers who spend less than 6 hours per post report “strong results”.”

  • Trends in the length and format of blog posts

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Blog posts may just be an informal article, but as seen above, we know that bloggers are getting serious with their work.

Posts now are getting longer, more details are added. Visuals are also a special requirement where it engages readers.

What kind of media do they include?

  • Multiple images
  • Videos or audio
  • Lists
  • Others include stories, quotes, questions or links, etc

Efforts do yield good results, you can consider adding visuals to engage your reader so they will stay longer on your website.

  • Trends in frequency, how often we’re blogging

The apparent trend is that bloggers are posting less often.

The publishing frequency is directly related to the better results. As you gain credibility and awareness on the internet. Blogging also improves your search engine positioning and thus you will appear more often when relevant searches are included.

“Although it’s hard to tell, I’m hopeful that these bloggers are focusing on less ‘truly exceptional’ pieces of content instead of many ‘good pieces” EXPERT INSIGHT: JOE PULIZZI, CONTENT MARKETING INSTITUTE

  • How to promote your content?

How do bloggers drive traffic to their blogs if they only do #sponsored blog posts? Below are some ways!

  1. They inform their readers on their social media platforms. They promote their blog posts there.
  2. Buying traffic- paid visitors.
  3. Being SEO-savvy and this makes it so much easier to drive your content with relevant keywords. These people usually are the one who drafts longer content and spend more time to create a blog post.
  • Measuring your “worth”

Social media is in its prime than never before. If we really break down the job, it’s communicating, creating, then measuring.

Many brands and creators are data and number driven, as this is what the price of content derive from. Remember that it’s important to check your content, measure your results. Get to know your audience before you lose them.

You have a long way to go, keep being consistent in what you do and consider following some of these tips along the way to perfecting your way of writing!

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