How to choose a blogging platform?

I want a good blogging platform

Want to start a blog but not sure which blogging platform to choose?

blogging platform

There are plenty of blogging platforms out there, but all of them have their unique niches. We are going to dive into the various platforms, and give you some tips on popular blog sites till date!

Understand what each is good at, and choose the best one to represent you.

  • Blogging Platform 1: Tumblr


Comparing to the other popular platforms, Tumblr was a little slow. But it has this special approach that’s perfect for early starters. Just like “microblogging”, Tumblr allows you to share content with other users through resharing it.

Uniquely like Instagram, Tumblr is not going for long-form content.

Instead, it’s beautiful photos, quotes and short snips and lots of animations. It’s really different compared to other platforms, but this minimalist and easy approach have won the hearts of many users. Plus, it’s really easy to get started.

If you are going for something personal, try using Tumblr! It has a lot of artistic inspirations, quotes, and photos.

You may find someone similar to you- like a soul mate there! 🙂

blogger, platform, blogging

One of the pioneers in the blogging industry. Owned by Google, this friendly household domain is the best option for those who want something fast and simple. The set up is really simple, within minutes, you can choose your favourite template and start drafting! The downside is that it is not really for advanced users.

It’s for you who wants to start with a simple and personal blog with a niche!

wordpress, blog

Easily the most popular and highly accessible platform for most bloggers and organisations out there.

It is hosting millions of blogs and still growing! The main reason for its popularity is really its flexibility and convenience it gives.

One of it is customising our permalinks. WordPress is on trend with the customisation criteria, and the tools are at your disposal. It’s straightforward and easy, even for beginners.

On top of all these, there are also features that allow you to customise your theme- so that your page looks and feel just how you want it. Additional useful plugins like SEO analytics, social media sharing, and content optimization are all available.

Their open concept of customizability for you to build your best page is really their winning strategy, and really, any page is suitable to go on this.

weebly, blog

The perfect platform if you are a beginner with lack of knowledge on web design. This web builder platform allows you to build yours with simple guides. You simply have to drag the elements you want, and Weebly does the backend coding for you.

There are choices between free and professional accounts, where you can customise your page to different degrees. Of course, you enjoy more perks with a professional account. Such as analytics, mobile rankings, and SEOs.

If you consider yourself a beginner or an intermediate blogger, a really considerate feature is the download ability of the site’s code so you can still keep your favourite formatting if you move to another site!

wix, platform

Just like the above, you can build your own look with the simple builder. Skip the ugly part, to the beautiful parts of benefiting from using Wix.

You will find a lot that you love here. Wix provides many features to assist you in growing your page. The styles and formatting are of current favourites, where Wix exhibits a very strong base of current trends and styles. The user base is a loyal group and Wix is definitely growing steadily.

Wix is now ranked as one of the top website builders, and if you want something easy, you may consider this.

If you want to start a business (e-commerce), Wix is a great fit. Beginners and creative content creators/writers can also consider this!


Does it attract you if a page is designed to work like the human brain? Expanding outside the arena of blogging, it provides you the ideas you need to draft content.

Unlike other blogging platforms, Svbtle has a dashboard designed to help you draft your ideas and guides you through each step to the last where your content comes to fruition.

The final design is sleek and easy to read for your readers. One unique part is the design of their text editor- aimed towards a distraction-free experience for you to work at maximum efficiency. It’s a great free-flowing platform for writers to start growing and developing ideas.


Ghost welcomes real advanced users onto their platform- giving them complete control over what they want their users to experience.

It offers very unique features to make it stand out, especially the split screen editor that let you see a preview of your work real time as you edit on the left.

The multiple users function like google docs allow you to collaborate and edit with fellow editors! The content is formatted so it’s extra easy for you to pick and choose your workflow just like emails.

If you want something advanced and intricate, or a business with a team of writers, try ghost!

medium, write, share, blog

Just like how it’s name sounds, you can join a community of people with topics you love through this platform. Simplicity at its best describes what you can experience at medium.

Simply for the feel of sharing, you can start writing and have your voice heard without the responsibility you have for your readers as a full-time blogger.

You can jump in so quickly, and start writing about anything that you love, and start sharing. It’s really free and open.  Just like how you construct pieces for others, you can also read other people’s writings, and in turn, benefit you in many ways you can never imagine. It’s a beautiful place to get connected with the true idea of content sharing.

squarespace, blog, platform

Squarespace helps you check off the aesthetics. The page is essentially a visually pleasing page, looking extremely polished and minimalistic. It will be a good choice if you depend a lot on layout and design- especially with a clean look.

It also allows you to build your own page like Wix, and this high level of convenience is amazing! Going deeper for your understanding, a feature called cover page allows you to design scrolling layouts that can be fitted into a template or custom on it’s own, really adds a unique edge to your website simply.

Every template is properly templated, where the resolutions will appear properly on mobile/tablets/ computers. This may not sound like something spectacular, but it will really help in your customer experience and search rankings.

The thoughtfulness they have placed into designing warms out heart. The fact that everything is so easy and user-friendly can be customised at the touch of a click. Businesses or beginners looking for a friendly and attractive web design- try this web builder!

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