Top blogging myths in Singapore

How did they become successful?

blogging myths

For the record, many of the bloggers that are now successful out there started blogging out of passion (or to rant), instead of monetary gains. Here are some top blogging myths!

Take them with a pinch of salt and hopefully, you will come across 1 that will inspire you to start writing!

Where to start?

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The first question you should ask yourself is, are you going to monetise it? The main point that we are trying to drive at is, simply intending to have a successful blog (or business) as a full-time career is not a one night attempt.

That’s why it’s important to know the direction you are heading towards.

Let’s clear some doubts!

  • Blogging Myths 1: “There are already so many blogs on food, fashion, lifestyle…”

Do blogs still work? How do I fit in? It’s for certain that certain niches have more bloggers than the others, but it doesn’t mean that there’s no space for you.

Find what you love, and create one. We shared that creating a blog is super easy, and if you have the passion, start drafting your personal creative angle that differentiates you among the saturation. Hard work makes the dream work!

  • Blogging Myths 2: It’s so easy and free!

Yes, it’s free. That’s the real enticing part.

But this really depends on the platform you want to start. For example, Tumblr, WordPress, blogger all come at no cost. But you have to keep in mind that many successful bloggers put in effort and money to bring their website domain high among the searches. These efforts do come at some costs!

  • Blogging Muths 3: I will probably run out of ideas as time goes by

If you pursue something passionately, you will never run out of things to write!

Although we got to admit that once you have the basics covered, it’s tricky to come up with topics that attract. However, once you overcome this challenges, you will get the hang of it!

  • Blogging Myths 4: Blogging can only be a side job

That’s where you start. As you start writing more, you will start seeing yourself grow.

Generating content is essentially the basis of blogging. We know it takes a lot of time and effort to promote, generate leads and views, write your drafts and staying on top with trends. But really, blogging CAN be a job.

  • Blogging Myths 5: You need to be able to write well

Really? Many bloggers started writing in an informal way, and they became successful. People read blogs to get a personal perspective on things/experiences. They are not searching for formal websites with statistics. Remember that!

  • Blogging Myths 6: You must have high traffic to earn

Traffic is really, really loosely correlated to the income you earn. You can have super high traffic, but people leave your page as soon as they click it. It’s only true when you convert traffic into loyal customers/readers!

  • Blogging Myths 7: All I have to do is to create a blog and people will start reading

Creating a blog is so easy, and it’s needless to say that thousands/millions of blogs are created on a daily basis. You have to actively promote your blog!

Some ways include on your social media, search engine optimisation, email, or really any marketing tactics to help you gather attention.

  • Blogging Myths 8: The only way to make more money is to sell ad space on my blog

google adsense, advertiments, space

Although this may be true for some bloggers, the bulk of your income should come from the products/services you are trying to sell.

The direct and easiest route to selling ad space is through joining the google adsense’ big family, but really, try out the various strategies. There are so many out there for you to earn money from your passion.

  • Blogging Myths 9: I can be the next top blogger in a night

Behind every success stories is hard work, and many rounds of trying. You have to be clear that success is cumulative, and it’s built over a period of time.

Like how traffic takes time to build, give yourself time to accumulate on your ideas and blogging knowledge. You will get there!

Remember that Singaporeans like to follow trends, and if you get them to like you, you may open up your blog to a whole lot of readers.

The idea here is to be unique and distinct yourself from the competition. A blog is just like a business you are trying to start, easy to create, takes the effort to sustain, but if you are on the correct route to success, you can earn money from it!

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