The Top Five alternative sites for Singapore News

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Singapore news

We all know Singapore’s media news giants that brings us all the latest around the world news. For example like Straits Time and Yahoo are two popular news sites that Singaporeans visit frequently for reliable information. If you are looking for alternatives for fresh perspective, here’s the right article for you. In courtesy of, here’s the top five alternative news sites based on their web traffic.

First of all, what is web traffic?

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Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website. Which is essentially how many people have visited and have read/seen your content. Below are some estimations from – 2.6 million page views per month

This may not be everyone’s favourite site in terms of its reputation, but humans are curious creatures. Indirectly, this website operates the same manner as STOMP, which ironically is under SPH. It is the same reason why STOMP has the highest page views among all the SPH websites! Unfortunately (or fortunately), government announced The Real Singapore’s administrators are suspended and are required to cease operations because articles were against national harmony. As a result, the authorities have clamped down on a website’s operations here for the first time. – 1.7 million page views per month

Mothership is a Singapore-born Internet media company and one of the largest digital platforms in Singapore, with a potential average monthly visitorship of 5.9 million. 75% of their readers are on mobile, and we connect with them by creating high-quality multimedia news and entertainment content that encourages social sharing. 60% of their audience ranges in between the ages of 25 and 44.

Other than creating news content, they also specialise in digital marking where they also help brands speak with digital audiences through our content marketing services.

Coming in a respectable second is socio-political site, Mothership, the only other alternative news site in Singapore to cross the 1 million page views per month mark. The news are better curated and edited here, with proper sourcing, interviews and backgrounding. Check it out! – 838,700 page views per month

Almost a socio-political site, this is a a relatively new site! With its high traffic record and a targetted focus on Singapore related news, they should meet the MDA’s criteria for registration! They have great potential, so keep watching! – 540,000 page views per month

Another socio-political site, where its written content is similar to The Real Singapore. Although their content may be controversial, but remember to always take what you read online with a pinch of salt. Most of all, its respectable that this site manages to stay real and still command a respectable half a million page views each month. – 510,000 page views per month

One of the first few pioneers to challenge the mainstream media in Singapore. TOC seems to claim to be Singapore’s longest-running independent online media platform, with a wide variety of topics covered! In essence, they aim to examine the issues that matter, or should matter, to Singaporeans. Through reflecting the diversity of life, ideas and opinions.

Therefore, Singapore’s future is best served by having an informed and involved citizenry, with access to a wide range of news sources and views. Maybe, Theonlinecitizen is just be an open and vibrant environment where Singaporeans can share and debate ideas and opinions!

How to set a realistic blog budget as a start? [Part 2- Software]

Blog budget: All  about Hosting, Tools and Software

Domain name and basic hosting

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It is important to have a good and representative domain name? What does it mean? A short and sweet domain name is usually easier to remember compared to a long, complicated one. It is very important to get a suitable domain name as it is what your reader know you as.

Blog host

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Hosting is the platform where you create your content at. It is important for you to like the layout and functions of the hosting platform. It should be direct and easy-to-use, so you can start creating your content at ease. Look up for information and compare various hosting platforms to find one that’s best suited to your habits.

Customised designs

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Byond your logo and header, you can play with many design elements to enhance your blog.

From social media headers, backgrounds to blog templates, consider a look that reflects the content and image you want to bring across. They should be consistent across all social channels. If you are not familiar with blog templates, you can pay for custom designs or you can purchase a package. The cost varies significantly depending on who you work with and what you’re purchasing. Be careful about your designer. Always ask for references and samples of work before you commit. Always be clear of what you’re paying for.

Development and assistance

Once you see results on your blog, it is crucial to realise that you cannot control everything. To make your blog work more efficiently, you need to focus on the things you first started, and start delegating.

Never regard work as never-ending but instead ask yourself what are the things you don’t enjoy doing? For example, those taking up your time that you cannot focus on investing in your favorite activities? For example, emails and direct messages are one hard part to balance. Managing your schedule and communicating with new clients may be hard, hence, you might want to contract with an assistant. If you’re trying to develop new content directions to provide for more audiences, you might want to hire writers to write for your blogs.

A web developer may just be perfect to optimise your webpage.

If social media is the problem, you can look into working with a freelance social media manager.

Bringing in external help seems to be one of the most difficult steps for people to take. It’s important to start preparing for that.

Take Control of Your Blogging Costs

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Growing a blog is tough work, especially considering the competition in this saturated field. You do not have to waste frustrated hours learning everything about web design and development. You can be smart about it and get readily available templates online. Always be smart about how you spend your money and time.

No matter a new blogger with no budget, or a professional blogger who wants to maximise profit, both goals are common. Which is to let your content reach more people and share your story. Commiting the right investments in your blog is crucial.

How to start setting a realistic blog budget to start? [Part 1- Hardware]

What is a blog budget?

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If you’re trying to earn sufficient money from your blog, you cannot rely on simply content creation and freebies. By investing in your efforts, it can be a real struggle to grow your audience. However, excessive investments on your blog may lead to failure if you fail to track and balance the accounts. Your return on investment may be diminishing although the figures looks attractive.

If you aspire to be a blogger, or you are already one, it’d eb smart to clarify the costs it takes to achieve your goals. What is the real budget to set and where do you spend your money on?

How to set a blogging budget?

There is no one budget that fits the requirements of all bloggers. But here’s the guide to the right amount of investment to place in order to achieve your goals.

There are three kind of bloggers as follows:

  • The for fun and wants to keep costs to a minimum blogs.
  • The serious blogger committed to growing their blog as a part time interest. Do not mind spending (much) money to enhance their enjoyment or success.
  • The real blogger and a business owner. Willing to put in any expense that increases their profits.

First, it’s crucial to choose the path you are going towards and start tracking and planning your budget.

Here’s the breakdown of the costs you may incur.

To start a blog, you need a basic laptop to create and search for your content.

  • Hardware- A BASIC LAPTOP

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If you are already writing, you may already have a computer/laptop. If you are just starting out, having one is a worthy investment.

Comparing the prices of high-end to low-end laptops are the extra lightweight and efficiency to work on the move and get things done faster. It’s obvious to get a laptop than a desktop as who knows you may need to work on the move?

Depending on your needs, a basic laptop can cost from $400 onwards, with speed and memory variations. A more powerful laptop – with more memory, processor power, and a bigger screen is for the serious people. If you are planning to edit large video files for example, you may need high processing powered laptops. A more powerful laptop will cost from $1000 to $3,000, depending on brand and features.

Well, there’s also electronics fair during specific periods in a year. It will be great to catch up on these deals to maximise your earnings.

The choice between Windows laptop or Macbook is likely a matter of personal preference. Macbooks tend to be more expensive than their Windows-based equivalents, but are arguably easier to use and require less technical knowledge to maintain.

Well, for the serious bloggers pursuing this as a job, creating high-quality multimedia content is almost essential. You will need more tools to achieve this. For example, a food blogger is expected to take yummy food photos and videos. If you’re branching into youtube (video content) then the videos must have clear sound and lighting.

Some tools include:

  • High-Quality Camera
  • Different camera lenses

Although smartphones have great cameras, but very few give you the quality a digital camera with detachable lenses offers.

Great photographs would require investments in a camera and additional lenses that help you capture beautiful, shareable photos. There will be a huge difference if your goal is to create viral content.

You can see the difference when comparing a photo with smartphone of an and a photo with a camera. Same goes for your audiences.

Good-Quality Microphone

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Have you ever watched a video, and all you hear is an echo, the podcaster’s breath, or low volume? Poor sound quality is a major turn-off for most people especially for video content.

The type of microphone you need to solve this problem varies significantly based on the content you’re producing, but aim for quality. You do not have to spend a bomb on audio devices. One consideration could be the Audio-Technica ATR2100USB ($60) for interviews and vlogs if you’re sitting at your computer.

Video Camera and Webcam

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Like your microphone, the video camera or webcam you select should be based on the type of content you’re creating. If you plan on filming activities or events, stop using your smartphone video camera. Invest in a good quality camera with the HD option that films up to 1080p – the highest quality streamable on YouTube.

For short video your digital camera might work just fine – particularly if you have one of the newer DSLRs described above. But if you’re shooting longer videos that need to be super high quality, then you will need to invest in a dedicated video camera.

Light Boxes and Tripods


Great camera does not guarantee good lighting and steady hands. If your content is photo/video, consider supplementing your still and video camera purchases with light boxes and tripods. A very basic light box set and tripod should work just fine. Many uses the ring light, and that can be one consideration. If you are considering the upper end, a professional lighting rig could cost thousands of dollars.

Singapore Fashion Bloggers to follow

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Who are the real Singapore fashion bloggers?

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With the sun hanging high up all year round in Singapore, it’s both easy and difficult to build up your wardrobe. But here, let’s focus on how these bloggers make it seem so effortless as you only have to shop for one season. Here’s some amazing fashion bloggers from Singapore showing you how they turn summer wear into trendy attires.

Andrea Chong

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One of the legends, Andrea Chong has represented Singapore on so many international fashion platforms! This name reminds people of a balanced mixture of a stylish mix of casual, girl-next-door, edgy and sophisticated.

Her attires are influenced by a wide array of international fashion magazines. Where one of her major appeals is that you wear confidence to look good, instead of expensive clothings. At this young age, Andrea is highly successful, holding both positions as the founder of digital advertising agency DC Creative and voted Fashion Icon of the Year at the Singapore Social Media Awards 2015!

Christabel Chua

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She started off with Smart local, a youtube/website to provide quirky local news. Having graduated from an Australian university, Christabel, commonly known as bel has a style of slightly preppy and girly. Her style is heavily influenced by LA-based fashion blog, Song of Style.

Her main attractiveness is that she is highly interactive and approachable with her girl next door personality. She commonly shares about her personal experiences, where she seems more like a friend than a video host and celebrity to her fans.

Love, Bonito

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Love Bonito is one Singapore home grown brand that growing rapidly among females. The team that owns the largest blogshop in Singapore are the designers behind what many Singaporean girls are wearing now. Here’s the trio behind this fashion brand sharing their style.

love bonito owner

Left to right: Rachel Lim, Velda Tan, Viola Tan / Image Credit:

Rachel Lim

The first member- Rachel has a bit edgier look compared to the previous 2.  

Her signature style combines elegant, simple pieces with vibrant, statement jewellery pieces.

Rachel achieves inspirations from fashion powerhouses, especially in London,

Rachel believe in discovering and picking clothes + styles that best fit your body shape!

Velda Tan

Second member is Velda, a fashion icon in her own right.

Her own style? Simple looks and high-quality fabrics that leave her looking very classically fashionable. Velda is behind the success of Love, Bonito as she offers designer looks to young Singaporeans – without the hefty price tag.

Viola Tan

Final one-third of the trio behind this fashion brand, is one of the leading fashionistas. Viola has a fashion style classified under classically sophisticated with accents of edgy glamour. Her inspirations often come from her travel experiences through cultures and people she meets.