How to start a fashion blog

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How to start a fashion blog?

Have the desire to contribute to the fashion industry but unsure of how to possess stronger presence online?

Social Media

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You can start by extending your reach by integrating your blog with social media. One way is through Instagram. For example, you can upload and notify your readers of a new post through interactive Instagram stories! It is one of the fastest means to boost the growth of your blog organically.

Tips for new bloggers

1. Quality Content

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Always remember that this industry is free entry, and that means there are many influencers like you. The aim is the same: To pursue your passion and profit by working with brands.

At this highly saturated stage, many brands are also highly wary and careful about their selections of the bloggers. As blogs are more of a long form content, numbers is not enough to represent. The content needs to be well-written and engaging in a blog to attract big brands. And this brings us to the next point.

2. Remember your value

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Know what you are good at, and the reason you started. Do not worry, everyone is self-conscious when making a sales pitch. “Am I overselling my writing? Am I overestimating my reach?” Let your audience and numbers speak. You have nothing to fear. Avoiding such thinking from the get-go is imperative. If you do not value your work, no one else will.

3. Collaborate and make friends

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Collaborations will help you get noticed by competitor brands and broader audiences. It is a win win situation. It is a natural tendency to be wary of collaborating with brands in the very beginning. But make sure to associate with brands that are related to, and add value to your endeavour. Do not do it for the money, think from the perspectives of your readers.

4. Give value to your readers

A blog is successful as long as it has a good readership. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your readers derive value out of your writing. Be sure you invite people to share opinions on your blog. Respond to comments on posts promptly. Talk to your readers. Know that they mean something to you. If you keep your readers engaged, you’ll inevitably create a loyal readership.

5. Love your blog and what you do

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People can see your passion through your words. The effort you put into your entries may eventually amount to something. It is essential to keep in mind that the above suggestions may help you get on the right track faster. But you will make your own mistakes and face some challenges along the way.

Singapore Fashion Bloggers to follow

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Who are the real Singapore fashion bloggers?

fashion, singapore

With the sun hanging high up all year round in Singapore, it’s both easy and difficult to build up your wardrobe. But here, let’s focus on how these bloggers make it seem so effortless as you only have to shop for one season. Here’s some amazing fashion bloggers from Singapore showing you how they turn summer wear into trendy attires.

Andrea Chong

andrea chong, dreachong, instagram, influencer

One of the legends, Andrea Chong has represented Singapore on so many international fashion platforms! This name reminds people of a balanced mixture of a stylish mix of casual, girl-next-door, edgy and sophisticated.

Her attires are influenced by a wide array of international fashion magazines. Where one of her major appeals is that you wear confidence to look good, instead of expensive clothings. At this young age, Andrea is highly successful, holding both positions as the founder of digital advertising agency DC Creative and voted Fashion Icon of the Year at the Singapore Social Media Awards 2015!

Christabel Chua

christabel chua, bellywellyjelly, instagram, influencer

She started off with Smart local, a youtube/website to provide quirky local news. Having graduated from an Australian university, Christabel, commonly known as bel has a style of slightly preppy and girly. Her style is heavily influenced by LA-based fashion blog, Song of Style.

Her main attractiveness is that she is highly interactive and approachable with her girl next door personality. She commonly shares about her personal experiences, where she seems more like a friend than a video host and celebrity to her fans.

Love, Bonito

love bonito, logo, blogshop, shopping, singapore, womens fashion, fashion label

Love Bonito is one Singapore home grown brand that growing rapidly among females. The team that owns the largest blogshop in Singapore are the designers behind what many Singaporean girls are wearing now. Here’s the trio behind this fashion brand sharing their style.

love bonito owner

Left to right: Rachel Lim, Velda Tan, Viola Tan / Image Credit:

Rachel Lim

The first member- Rachel has a bit edgier look compared to the previous 2.  

Her signature style combines elegant, simple pieces with vibrant, statement jewellery pieces.

Rachel achieves inspirations from fashion powerhouses, especially in London,

Rachel believe in discovering and picking clothes + styles that best fit your body shape!

Velda Tan

Second member is Velda, a fashion icon in her own right.

Her own style? Simple looks and high-quality fabrics that leave her looking very classically fashionable. Velda is behind the success of Love, Bonito as she offers designer looks to young Singaporeans – without the hefty price tag.

Viola Tan

Final one-third of the trio behind this fashion brand, is one of the leading fashionistas. Viola has a fashion style classified under classically sophisticated with accents of edgy glamour. Her inspirations often come from her travel experiences through cultures and people she meets.