Influencer marketing: How startups can partner with influencers?

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Influencer marketing | The marketing rules are changing and smaller companies are working to catch up

Lately, many brands connect with social media influencers to promote their products/services in hopes to build a brand efficiently. 

Why influencer marketing?

influencer marketing, influencers, social media

No one likes ads. Let’s admit it. If brands keep pushing it right at consumers in hopes to boost sales, this only interrupts user’s experience. Customers see so many ads daily that they are unconsciously turning them out.

Power of social media

Partnering with influencers one of the powerful ways to reach a wider target audience base. Startups can focus on influencer marketing because influencers have thousands of followers. This easily command “fans” to act along with a effective campaign simply with one well-timed photo/caption. Business owners, then, can save time and money on reaching out to the target audience to expose their brand.

Long form content like blogs should still stay, although social media platforms are gaining more traction. Instagram and Facebook are the preferred channels for Influencer engagement.  Good news is, you can make use of these popular social media to increase your reach for your blog. 

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In addition, here’s a list for why startups should work with influencers.

Accurately reach target audience

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If we look at the brand building, there is always a reason big brands pay celebrities to endorse their brand. In contrast to traditional advertising, influencer advertising places products within the organic content. It creates an authentic appeal and a more pleasurable experience for consumers. 

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“Seeing the right target audience (which is also area specific sometimes), the trust their followers have in them and the organic nature of that following help startups to reach the right audience at the right place and time,” shared Mehra.

Create a Winning Advantage

Generally, brands collaborate with influencers to promote the brand by sharing the news of their latest product launch. This is usually done in the format of stories or a post. Because of the reach and engaged audience an influencer has, brands can tap into when launching a new impression.

How to find the right influencer?

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The main thing to note and keep in mind is to find the right influencer for your target audience with good engagement and genuine following. With a good context and creative input from an influencer, a brand can create a winning advantage and differentiation right at the start.

Drive More Engagements

Most people consider other’s opinion online before buying a product or using a service. That’s how word of mouth is triumphing social media.

How to start influencer marketing?

You can start by identifying key opinion leaders from that related segment. For example, leading beauty influencers with a decent following that meets your budget. You stand a better chance if they share an affinity with your brand and is already a user. This builds a more authentic relationship by partnering with them and building a long-term relationship.

You will definitely be the ‘lucky’ one to tell your brand’s story to their followers through he/she.

Influencer marketing done right

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If influencer marketing is done right, can not only help a brand to raise awareness or achieve massive reach.