Instagram OR Facebook: Which is better for your blog?

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Instagram or Facebook?

Both dominating social media with numbers and popularity. With over 500 million active users, monthly, they are the perfect platforms for brands. That is how social media is a huge trending tool for marketing campaigns.

If you haven’t heard about this, both tech giants are closely linked. Facebook is the parent of Instagram, and yes, that explains why Instagram is such a huge success!

Although they are both social media platforms, they should be approached differently to maximise your gains for your unique social media marketing campaigns and targets.

Let’s talk about the parent company first, shall we?


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Facebook is actually the most popular social media platform, with 72% of the entire Singapore population on it.

This is why Facebook is so successful; with features that:

  • Allow businesses to increase website traffic,
    • Drives crowd to website with Facebook Page or Posts
  • Create brand awareness, and
    • Through frequent Facebook posts and updates on Brand’s Page
  • Improve communication and interaction with local audiences
    • Able to answer and interact immediately, directly with customers through Brand’s Facebook Page

Here’s a few strategies to start engaging a crowd.

Share industry-related articles such as thought leadership articles, videos and photos

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This way, you will start a sharing trend to get more people engaged in their timelines. With this, you can also start connecting with like-minded people. This forms a group of people whom you can reach out to for brand engagement.

This also proves that your brand is all caught up, and is interested in educating the crowd to have no consumer-brand gaps.

Transparency and authenticity is what people love nowadays.

Periodically start discussions and encourage the audience to share their thoughts

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People always say communication is key. Have an idea to start a new product/service? Share the basic concept and test the waters! If people like it, then you are good to go!

Also, it will be a great way to understand consumer’s perspective. You may think that you are doing great, but it may not be so.

Always check back with your customers to be ensured 100% authenticity.

Collaborate with Influencers for Contest or Giveaways

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As influencers already have a group of followers. You can leverage on them to create an impressions. Remember that partnership with any influencers leaves an impression of you on customers. By partnering with influencers, you can constantly engage with consumers through influencers. This way, a brand like yours will be able to imprint lasting impressions on them. If they remember you, then there will be a higher possibility of them to purchase from a brand solf by an influencer they look up to!

Next, let’s move on to Instagram.



What is it?

A photo-sharing social media platform that allows users to interact in the forms of visuals, comments and likes.

How popular is it in Singapore?

Youths are the popular crowd on Instagram. As reflected in a TNS global study, 85% of 16 to 24-year-olds are active on Instagram.

If your target age group is here, good news for you!

This is why Instagram is so successful; with features that:

  • facilitate the increase in website traffic,
  • excelling in creating brand awareness and
  • helps brands communicate and interact with local audiences.
  • With its recent update, Instagram is also becoming more business-friendly with the addition of accessible contact button and links to company website.
  • So many Instagram famous influencers

It is really the first choice when it comes to social media campaigns.

Here’s a few strategies to start engaging a crowd.

  1. Collaborate with Influencers for Contest Giveaways
  2. Get Influencers to do social postings in the form of Instagram stories, pictures or boomerang videos. Through the usage of attractive images of the products, it should entice the consumers.
  3. Move away from advertising products. Engage followers and update them with events such as New Year’s Party, upcoming collaborations with influencers or even warehouse sales.
  4. Ride on trends. Hot topics such as Pokemon Go will interest the consumers, create positive association and draw them towards the brand.

Instagram or Facebook: Singapore’s market

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Whilst both are popular in Singapore, Instagram has proven to be more effective as for influencer marketing, with a higher engagement as follows.

Instagram: 4.2 billion likes  vs  Facebook: 1.71 billion on a daily basis.


The simple interaction feature may be a possible explanation for the higher engagement with brands on Instagram. The simple act of liking a post by double tapping or replying to a story by swiping up may drive higher engagement. This is especially tempting for brands who wants to engage with their consumers.

Facebook is not obsolete

Largely informational, consumers can find more information about a company or a brand through its Facebook page. Brands can engage their target audience with articles and content to generate shares and discussions.


Depending on the purpose and nature of your venture, both platforms are viable tools to boost a brand’s social media marketing strategy as they serve different needs, and a relatively different target audience. A tip would be to figure how you can leverage on both platforms to maximise your reach and increase your social media presence.