5 Singapore lifestyle blogs you won’t want to miss

What are the ACTIVE blogs? Here’s 5 Singapore lifestyle blogs that you might have missed.

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Who still update their blogs frequently nowadays? Do you find it hard to find people sharing their intriguing lives through their insightful blogs?

Why are blogs here to stay?

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One reason why blogs are such a good place for information because people revel in the feel-good feelings that accompany such posts. Reading them is as though vicariously living through them at times and relating to the circumstance. Here’s 5 bloggers that still updates the blogs frequently with a variety of topics. It will be easy to relate to their writings, after all, they are local, which means that some situations may be too familiar. So, what are you waiting for? Check their blogs out.

captslowyeo, melissa yeo

This blogged owned by Melissa is called Captain Slow Yeo. A click into her blog is one food haven you won’t want to miss. Featuring a collection of delicious food reviews and beautiful photos, we promise you unlimited salavation!!

Singaporeans love food, and we can’t stop finding where’s the best eats in our sunny country. Using that to her advantage, she visits many places across the island. Ranging from those we raved-about to places that are slightly more obscure, you can experience them all.

Other than simply making you immensely hungry, her blog showcases her extreme enthusiasm for food that definitely warm your heart.


the occasional traveller


Jaclynn’s passion lies in travelling and, while her website’s name suggests otherwise, it shows. A Singaporean girl who knows what it’s like to balance work and wanderlust, she has quit her job in 2016 to focus on full-time travelling, filling her blog up with informative and undeniably exciting posts about her off-road adventures. Writing in forms like journals with tips, you can plan your own trips with a broad range of reviews and things that inspire wanderlust. The idea behind this blog is to remind you to take that time off for your next trip. Travelling is still possible even if you are short on time.

alexis cheong, blog

Alexis’s instagram are sneak peeks you could get of her blog. And that enough is telling you how much her blog will make you want to to jump right into adventures. Travel adventures with pictures of her food are such a tempting combination. Wanderlust may really be the perfect word to describe Alexis. Apart from being a fan of good meals and travelling, she participates in various forms of entertainment. Her blog extents from travelling to beauty, technology and entertainment. Here’s one if you want a complete one from someone you can relate to.

the wacky duo, kids, parents, lifestyle, blog, dad, father, 2 kids

This blog covers the adventures of 2 very cute chldren. By a loving father, this blog is perfect for parents looking for cool and fun places for your next family outing. This blog is one that is easy to read. Even if you are not a parent, it can also be a good place for you to gather information on the latest places in trend. Be ready for lots of exclamations and affection as The Wacky Duo is not your average blog!

mons-diary, blog

This multi-talented lade, Monice updates her blog with many of her life happenings and sprinkle of interests. Started in 2012, she pursued her passion, making a name for herself with her craft. You can really get to know Monice through her engaging charm that comes in her posts. From travel, beauty, food, you can count on Monice to provide you with just the information you need.

That’s it folks! We hope that you like their stories!