The latest blogging trends 2018

Key blogging trends 2018

There are millions of posts going up on blogs every single day according to latest statistics.

Expectations of content quality

With the expansion of social media, the rapid-paced marketing world does not accept “okay” content. With so many posts published every day, you have to stand out with awesome content and that’s how you start growing your business with content marketing.

What do the bloggers have to say?

According to orbitmedia, where they ask more than 1000 bloggers how they approach their job as content creators every year. Although the questions are simple, the answers reflect that the industry is changing.

The content business is evolving. Thousands of other bloggers spend hours weaving up their posts, and in fact, in Orbit media’s latest report, the average time a blogger takes to write a 3000-word blog post is 9 hours and 45 minutes.

Although social media has made most of us get used to short-form content, blogging is critical to online marketing.

How blogging play a part in your buyer’s behaviour

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A buyer’s behaviour before purchasing usually start by researching on the product before engaging with a sales representative to understand the product better. Their research begins with the search engine search and they will land on pages with content created by you.

Sales generation

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Therefore, if you are planning to increase sales generating, you need to increase your content output. With this useful information to interested Inbound leads, the probability of converting them to customers increases to a higher rate. These rates start growing slowly, inbound traffic increases slowly as your Search engine optimisation (SEO) improves.

Relevancy to increase inbound traffic

With more content thus improves your relevancy, your inbound traffic will get better.

Blogging trends to cut the queue

Below are some blogging trends for you to get ahead of the crowd of bloggers.

Have a plan

First, you generate a strategy. It helps in keeping you in line and accelerate the production of good results. Having a documented content strategy in line with your company plans, you can better reach out to the public.

Did you know that it is 13 times more effective if marketers prioritise blogging? These positive return on investments of your time are the increase in traffic, leads, and sales.

Having a documented strategy prevents you from missing the target and also connects your targeted audience to a schedule. With a quota of blog posts every month helps to maintain your SEO, convincing your readers of your sincerity and credibility.

On average, postings 5-10 times a month is not enough, at least 16 posts and above is sufficient. And if you don’t, you are probably missing a big part of your potential customers.


Plan your topics and start writing them. Schedule them so you assign concrete dates to them.

Long form content is here to stay

Secondly, long-form content is key.

You have to be satisfied with your own content creation because chances are if you are not happy with your content, your potential readers will highly not be satisfied as well.

No wonder many bloggers and content creators are struggling to engage people and refrain them from bouncing. Don’t forget that content length is also a contributing factor. More detailed and in-depth blog posts generate as high as 9 times more leads than shorter posts.

One tiny pro tip: Keep updating your readers with the latest content

Also, write the content in the perspectives of your prospective reader. Why are people clicking on my post? What do they want to find out? Traffic is driven to your page to find a solution to a problem, so give them what they want to know.

Engage your readers with videos

Include videos in your posts. It is evident how rapid video consumption is growing, Youtube now has more than 1.5 million users that watch content every month.

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Imagine how much content they view on a daily average? 1 hour every day. That is a lot of video watching and this is one trend marketers need to take notice of. You may want to consider using videos to drive engagements to your blog and keep leads around longer.

Blogging is not going to phase out anytime soon. With more bloggers coming on board, actually means that you should be focusing on two things: blogging and making sure your content stands out. Long-form content is top content and also the key to success.

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Try to include these blogging trends into your 2018 blogging tactics to get ahead of the competition!