The Top Five alternative sites for Singapore News

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Singapore news

We all know Singapore’s media news giants that brings us all the latest around the world news. For example like Straits Time and Yahoo are two popular news sites that Singaporeans visit frequently for reliable information. If you are looking for alternatives for fresh perspective, here’s the right article for you. In courtesy of, here’s the top five alternative news sites based on their web traffic.

First of all, what is web traffic?

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Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website. Which is essentially how many people have visited and have read/seen your content. Below are some estimations from – 2.6 million page views per month

This may not be everyone’s favourite site in terms of its reputation, but humans are curious creatures. Indirectly, this website operates the same manner as STOMP, which ironically is under SPH. It is the same reason why STOMP has the highest page views among all the SPH websites! Unfortunately (or fortunately), government announced The Real Singapore’s administrators are suspended and are required to cease operations because articles were against national harmony. As a result, the authorities have clamped down on a website’s operations here for the first time. – 1.7 million page views per month

Mothership is a Singapore-born Internet media company and one of the largest digital platforms in Singapore, with a potential average monthly visitorship of 5.9 million. 75% of their readers are on mobile, and we connect with them by creating high-quality multimedia news and entertainment content that encourages social sharing. 60% of their audience ranges in between the ages of 25 and 44.

Other than creating news content, they also specialise in digital marking where they also help brands speak with digital audiences through our content marketing services.

Coming in a respectable second is socio-political site, Mothership, the only other alternative news site in Singapore to cross the 1 million page views per month mark. The news are better curated and edited here, with proper sourcing, interviews and backgrounding. Check it out! – 838,700 page views per month

Almost a socio-political site, this is a a relatively new site! With its high traffic record and a targetted focus on Singapore related news, they should meet the MDA’s criteria for registration! They have great potential, so keep watching! – 540,000 page views per month

Another socio-political site, where its written content is similar to The Real Singapore. Although their content may be controversial, but remember to always take what you read online with a pinch of salt. Most of all, its respectable that this site manages to stay real and still command a respectable half a million page views each month. – 510,000 page views per month

One of the first few pioneers to challenge the mainstream media in Singapore. TOC seems to claim to be Singapore’s longest-running independent online media platform, with a wide variety of topics covered! In essence, they aim to examine the issues that matter, or should matter, to Singaporeans. Through reflecting the diversity of life, ideas and opinions.

Therefore, Singapore’s future is best served by having an informed and involved citizenry, with access to a wide range of news sources and views. Maybe, Theonlinecitizen is just be an open and vibrant environment where Singaporeans can share and debate ideas and opinions!