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Planning your next holiday and you are looking for recommendations? Here we have the Best Singapore Travel blogs from thousands of top Singapore blogs. Using Feedspot own index search and social metrics, you can have your favourite blogs all at one place.


passport chop

Since 2009, PassportChop is a blog about Tingyi and Zhiqiang’s overseas experiences travelling around the globe. Well known for their detailed itinerary, it is currently one of the top travel blogs from Singapore.

Speciality: Detailed trips and unbiased reviews of places. Dos and don’ts are also provided.

Post frequency – (estimated) 3 posts per month

I wander

iwander, travel

See, stay, fly, eat, do. Here’s a Singapore travel blog showcasing city guides, hotel reviews, food recommendations and travel tips. By Bino, a part-time wanderer and a Singapore travel blogger. He shares his top travel tips and guides to destinations he have been to.

Estimated Frequency: 3 posts per week

The travel intern

the travel intern, singapore, blog

A Singapore-based community.

They think that travel makes us intern of the world- simply because there is always something new to learn on the way.

Anything that’s a new slice of the world, starting from the country on your bucket list, or that amazing postcard that intrigues you, hmmmm or simply a dish that you swore to try. Here’s what the travel intern has to provide.

Specialty: Young and interesting content. If you like exciting and engaging perspective, try here!

Estimated Frequency: 2 posts per week



For all our muslim friends out here, here’s that Singapore friend you have been missing out. Here’s a whole range of fun Halal food and travel guides for Muslim travellers.

Bookmark this for your next family outing!

Specialty: updated frequently, for muslims, by muslims

Estimated Frequency – 2 posts per week



As the name suggests, by blogger Alvin Lim, this blog extends out of travel. It features entertainment, food, and lifestyle too! Established in 2007, it has developed into a full-fledged site with a professional editorial team.

Now, Alvinology is a popular portal for travel tips among Singaporeans!

Estimated Frequency: 2 posts per week

The Occasional Traveller

The occasional traveller, singapore

A Singapore travel blog for the busy working professional who loves to travel despite having limited time. By Jaclynn Seah, a Singaporean girl who knows what it’s like to balance work and wanderlust. Jac helps you in forms like journals with tips.You can plan your own trips, including a broad range of reviews and things that inspire wanderlust. The idea ultimately is to remind you to take that time off for your next trip and you can still travel even if you are short on time.

Specialty: Planning tips and personal stories to help you make your own adventures! Happy travelling!

Estimated Frequency: 2 posts per week

Singapore Airlines

Singapore airlines

By our own home airlines, sharing with you the best in the world. With travel tips, news, destinations and city guides through the eyes of this experienced airline people.

We guarantee you awesome enthralling pictures too 🙂

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Ladyironchef (Food | Travel | Lifestyle)

blog, singapore bloggers, food

Started as a humble blog in an attempt to share about personal food experiences, ladyironchef has evolved into Singapore’s leading food and travel website as one of the top Singapore bloggers in sunny city SG!

Behind all the beautifully written articles stands a man with an inexplicable passion for the finer things in life, especially for food and travel.

Known as “ladyironchef”, the mysterious chief editor is actually a gentleman named Brad sharing his personal encounters on his blog, dishing out genuine reviews about food and dining locations, countries, and cities.

At ladyironchef, they pledge to remain sincere and frank when sharing the endorsed products and experiences with their readers on their trusted website.

Danielfooddiary (Food)

food, blogger, singapore

Food brings people together and it resonates easily with many Singaporeans as a timeless topic.

Considered one of the highest traffic blogs in Singapore featuring some of the best food and dining experiences both locally and internationally, author Daniel Ang, one of Singapore bloggers, started this blog in 2011 as an extension of his love and passion for food.

The primary focus of the blog is targeted at reviewing new and the best restaurants, travel and social commentary pieces.  

Xiaxue (Beauty | Lifestyle | Parenting)

blogger, singapore

If you live in Singapore, you probably have heard of Xiaxue.

She is also known as Wendy offline, not snow haha.

She has gained earnest support over the years and is still considered one of the most popular Singapore bloggers and online influencer personalities in Singapore.

With the use of conventional words in an unconventional manner as her writing style, it distinguishes her as one of the most unique personalities in Singapore.

She is comfortable with being herself on her blog, often sharing her opinionated views on various topics. Being fun and authentic coupled with her writing talent, she has made herself relatable to her following as if they know her personally!

Seth Lui (Travel | Food | Nightlife)

blogger, food, singapore started as a blog evolved into a hybrid online publication with a personal voice. More than your average food and travel blog, this blog covers everything involving eating, traveling and drinking are all covered with honest reviews.

Miss Tam Chiak (Food | Travel)

food, blogger, singapore

Translating to “greedy” or “glutton”, “Tam Chiak” is a local expression commonly used by Singaporeans.

This blog brings a true sense of Singaporean culture and across the globe from street vendors and hawkers to cafes and fine restaurants. Always on a food adventure in discovering the most palate-pleasing dishes in the world, this is considered one of the top page views blogs in Singapore.

Bongqiuqiu (Beauty | Lifestyle | Parenting)

blogger, singapore

She is also known as budget Barbie, otherwise as QiuTing offline. We are proud to call her one of the most successful Singapore bloggers.

Her unique humour and down to earth qualities are reasons for her immense following. She is extremely loyal to her family and friends, often making her love for them known in her blog.

Her inclusion of personal stories with a tinge of straightforward humour allows her readers to relate through blog posts.

Mr Brown (Travel | Entertainment | Technology)

funny, blogger, singapore

Known as the blogfather of Singapore, he is famous for his social and political commentary.  His unique writing style encompassing an enjoyable level of wit and analysis. This sets a high bar for the rest of the blogging arena.

His content appeals to an older demographic focusing on current affairs. However, now he is moving more towards lifestyle products promoting brands in his advertising posts in a subtle manner. You would have no idea they were even sponsored.

Viva woman (Beauty | Organic cosmetics)

beauty, wellness, singapore

Founded since 2006 as a way to catch up with beauty changes and to explore ways on anti-aging for self-benefits, this website was developed to share this information that holds strong relevance to the modern women of today.

A local beauty blog focusing on natural skin care and holistic living, encompasses skin care tips, green product reviews, sunscreen recommendations, ingredient analysis, specially crafted DIY beauty remedies, clean food recipes, K-beauty, and much more! You name it, they have it.

This is why they have been listed consistently as one of the top bloggers throughout the years with its presence in the international beauty blogging scene established.

With skin care tips, product reviews and wellness topics, these benefits for personal beauty and wellbeing can be distributed to many more ladies now!

No wonder they are one of top Singapore bloggers! But one thing to note is that this information is all based on the author’s personal experiences and research. Therefore the results may differ!

Cheeserland (Parenting | Travel)

This blog was started as an online diary and love for Cheese which became popular unexpectedly.

Now as a mummy of two, Cheesie also blogs about her exciting parenting life!

She is also a Japan country lover. She often uploads and shares her personal experience through beautiful photos of the country.