Guide to creating attractive genuine blog post

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How to write an attractive genuine blog post?

Maintaining a blog is hard work. The average marketer spends between 60 and 90 minutes on one shorter than average blog post. That’s a lot of time spent right? You can find out more about how bloggers approach writing here. Writing a genuine blog post is extremely important.

All that time can easily go to waste if the post doesn’t drive traffic and no one is reading it.  Do blogs still work? Long form content is definitely here to stay, you can follow these tips to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

1. Avoid promotion

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You have to remember the reason why people visit your blog. They are not here to read about a detailed advertisement. They are looking for something. Direct promotion in a blog is obvious to nearly everyone. Advertisements are made online, and this isn’t 2008 when no one realized that people pay for contextual placements online. Do yourself and your brand a huge favor, and make your posts have great content. A lack of promotion is always the best promotion.

One way to bring in advertisements is through personal experiences. Authenticity is really important in this time and age.

2. Personalize your posts

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Everyone has a unique writing style. Content is never as great as if it were to come directly from you. Even if you don’t have time to write all your own content, at least spend 10-15 minutes personalizing it. Add your personal flare. Those little touches will make your content that much more readable and valuable to your readers.  

3. Use visuals

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Seeing perfectly with glasses

We are visual animals. Include infographics, videos, pictures. Content these days can be so much more than just words on a page. Yes, it takes more time to put together great visuals with a contextual post, but visuals really can make or break your content.

4. Use examples

Use examples. Your opinion is valuable, but life experiences and real world examples are priceless. You have to make your content relatable. Try using case studies, quoting your friend’s experiences or statistics.  It will help establish authority for you and your blog.


5. Format properly

format properly, blogging, blogging tips

Make it easy for your reader. You can always start with an outline then continue to expand your content. Make the headings of the outlines pop so the post flows. People, more often than not, will skim your post and just read the major headings, so make sure you capture them right there.

6. Be there when they search for you

Not everyone is going to have a huge following when they write a post. Make sure you have a strategy to actually get people reading your posts. 

  • Email newsletter: Send your opt-in email list a notice when a new post is up!
  • Social: Bring it up to your social media, be it stories, or captions. Use them!
  • SEO: Optimize your post to rank for long tail keywords so when people search, they find you.
  • Write regularly: Over time, you will grow a following on your blog with a regular blog update. Who knows people who regularly check back at your site. 

If you manage to do these things right, over time, your blog posts will no longer feel like a chore, and you’ll reap the benefits of regularly blogging!

How to set a realistic blog budget as a start? [Part 2- Software]

Blog budget: All  about Hosting, Tools and Software

Domain name and basic hosting

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It is important to have a good and representative domain name? What does it mean? A short and sweet domain name is usually easier to remember compared to a long, complicated one. It is very important to get a suitable domain name as it is what your reader know you as.

Blog host

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Hosting is the platform where you create your content at. It is important for you to like the layout and functions of the hosting platform. It should be direct and easy-to-use, so you can start creating your content at ease. Look up for information and compare various hosting platforms to find one that’s best suited to your habits.

Customised designs

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Byond your logo and header, you can play with many design elements to enhance your blog.

From social media headers, backgrounds to blog templates, consider a look that reflects the content and image you want to bring across. They should be consistent across all social channels. If you are not familiar with blog templates, you can pay for custom designs or you can purchase a package. The cost varies significantly depending on who you work with and what you’re purchasing. Be careful about your designer. Always ask for references and samples of work before you commit. Always be clear of what you’re paying for.

Development and assistance

Once you see results on your blog, it is crucial to realise that you cannot control everything. To make your blog work more efficiently, you need to focus on the things you first started, and start delegating.

Never regard work as never-ending but instead ask yourself what are the things you don’t enjoy doing? For example, those taking up your time that you cannot focus on investing in your favorite activities? For example, emails and direct messages are one hard part to balance. Managing your schedule and communicating with new clients may be hard, hence, you might want to contract with an assistant. If you’re trying to develop new content directions to provide for more audiences, you might want to hire writers to write for your blogs.

A web developer may just be perfect to optimise your webpage.

If social media is the problem, you can look into working with a freelance social media manager.

Bringing in external help seems to be one of the most difficult steps for people to take. It’s important to start preparing for that.

Take Control of Your Blogging Costs

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Growing a blog is tough work, especially considering the competition in this saturated field. You do not have to waste frustrated hours learning everything about web design and development. You can be smart about it and get readily available templates online. Always be smart about how you spend your money and time.

No matter a new blogger with no budget, or a professional blogger who wants to maximise profit, both goals are common. Which is to let your content reach more people and share your story. Commiting the right investments in your blog is crucial.