Guide to develop a digital brand presence

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Establish your digital brand presence online

If you want to turn your small business into a big one, at some point you’re going to need to go digital. There’s even more money to be had online, whether that’s from becoming a social influencer, turning online ads into brick-and-mortar sales or something else entirely.

How to start?

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But getting started can be tricky. You’re an expert in your business, but just because you know how to provide a great product or service doesn’t mean you know how to get strangers on the internet to buy it. What do you need to make a great website? Where should you focus your energy when developing your online presence?

We’ll walk you through three must-haves for any small business going digital: building a website, establishing the brand on social media and creating an email list. If you can do just those three things, you might not become the next online empire, but you’ll at least be off to a good start.

1. Build a website

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Making a website seems impossible for some, especially those who do not consider themselves tech-savvy. But you don’t need to be Mark Zuckerberg to create a landing pad for your customers or audience. Web builders such as WordPress or Squarespace can make it relatively simple.

That’s the key: stick to simple.

You might think that a simple webpage is boring, but look at the Entrepreneur page you’re reading right now: You don’t see a bunch of crazy flash objects or pop-ups. Instead, you see white space. You see images with 3:2 ratios (3 pixels in width for every 2 in height) and black text that’s easy to read.

This simple style allows us to create content easily, which keeps us consistent. Entrepreneur doesn’t post one article every couple of weeks — we write and publish new pieces every day, so the site is always fresh when you come to read it. In the same way, you don’t want to throw all of your resources into a single page that you’ll never be able to update or add to.

Persist and perservere

This is a long term work in progress. Do not do too much, you’re only going to make it harder for yourself down the road if you try too hard.

Be honest: to yourself and your reader

Consumers expect a page to load in two to three seconds. If the page doesn’t load quickly enough, many people will abandon the website before they even get to see it. Chance wasted.

This advice is critical if you are selling a product or service on your website. If you are going to have a main website to link your socials,  please optimize your marketing funnel. This ensures effective consumer conversion from lookers to buyers. 

Companies lose billions every year from customers who abandon their online shopping carts. There are a million reasons why this might happen, and you can’t control them all. However, you can control your website by simplifying the process. 

2. Establish your brand on a social media platform

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Focus on establishing your brand on a social media platform, not every one. It is hard to maintain and try to go viral on every platform. 

Locate your audience

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Do some research on where your target audience like to be at and focus your efforts there for a start. Regardless of which platform you choose to invest in, here are two important tips to build a successful social presence.


Like your website, this is a long term investment. You will not start going viral with your post. Even if you do, one post is not enough. Look at how social media influencers and powerful brands start. They are well aware of the importance of consistency if they want to make content creation their job.

One tip may be to schedule your posts. It is always good to plan in advance. Stick to it. Don’t get swayed by comments or get impatient if you don’t see results right away. Learn and get better as you go along. You will grow, and changes will bound to happen. With time, your audience will start noticing your hardwork and grow along with you. 


Be there for your followers. If a customer has a complaint, he or she might reach out to you on social media to ask about a solution. The way you react in those moments will define how many of your potential customers see you. So try to make sure you always put your best foot forward — you never know who might see your post or what kind of following they have.

How blog marketing can drive sales for your brand

Blog marketing
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How do you drive sales for your company by standing out in this competition? Blog marketing is an excellent direct solution to slowly drive sales. It will be difficult to start a blog with the changing needs of your customers/readers, but the following will give you reasons for the perks that will come your way with a blog.

How are blogs useful for you?
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Having a blog is like having a direction for your customers. To maximise the effectiveness of your blog, you need to first build one. From your content, to your personal blog URL. One of the most convenient innovations you can have is a self-hosted blog platform.

However, some of these solutions have to be paid from your pocket. Fortunate enough, in this digital age, there are still free blog hosting platforms to suit your needs. Starting from to wordpress, they are packed with amazing useful features that will never make a hole in your pocket. Start exploring them, and find your favourite. You are now not far from blog marketing.

Uses of blog marketing

  • Analyse tool

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Blog marketing allows you to analyse your traffic and know your audience. If you are not an expert at statistics, there are marketing pros for you to engage and find out more details from. A blog is your brand’s personality. Understanding your direction and the fact that you are drafting for people that loves your brand is always good. Integrating their content consumption habits to your media marketing is made so much easier as you are now familiar with the group you are dealing with.

  • Direction for customers


As I have mentioned, a blog is a direction for your customers. It is also one for your company. Through this platform, you can speak to your potential customers on your brand and services. With time, customers will find you more trustworthy as they are able to find the information they require from you. A responsive platform is not only relevant, it is also a bridge to connect you with the people. Questions and comments will be on your platform, and these are golden opportunities for you to speak with your potential customers.

  • Talk to your customers


One tip is to never delay in answering questions through emails or comments on your site. With an online blog, you can now reply and provide immediate rescue to your customers.

With a relevant and meaningful blog, it will be of high value to your (potential) customers. These hard work will not go in vain as you will experience magical outcomes in the years to come. Having a blog will also help you in your search engine optimisation and this will help you become the authority in your industry. Wait no more, and start having a money earning marketing platform!

Trends of how bloggers approach content creation

How to approach content creation?

The pace of content creation is accelerating.

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The business of creation is evolving into words of finer and better quality. This is because people are putting in more effort into drafting their words and hence the pace of this change is getting faster.

Highlights of content creation for 2018.

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Let’s get to the insights of what exactly are these changes, shall we?

  • More time and effort spent on blogging

According to orbit media, it took an average of 2.5 hours to create one average blog post. In 2016, guess how long it takes? 3 hours and 16 mins! That’s an increase of an average of 45 minutes.

Twice as many bloggers are now spending 6+ hours on their average post. The dedication to content creation is real. The competition is real.

They also found out that more time spent on content creation yields better results.

“33% of bloggers who spend 6+ hours per post report “strong results”. Only 23% of bloggers who spend less than 6 hours per post report “strong results”.”

  • Trends in the length and format of blog posts

serious bloggers

Blog posts may just be an informal article, but as seen above, we know that bloggers are getting serious with their work.

Posts now are getting longer, more details are added. Visuals are also a special requirement where it engages readers.

What kind of media do they include?

  • Multiple images
  • Videos or audio
  • Lists
  • Others include stories, quotes, questions or links, etc

Efforts do yield good results, you can consider adding visuals to engage your reader so they will stay longer on your website.

  • Trends in frequency, how often we’re blogging

The apparent trend is that bloggers are posting less often.

The publishing frequency is directly related to the better results. As you gain credibility and awareness on the internet. Blogging also improves your search engine positioning and thus you will appear more often when relevant searches are included.

“Although it’s hard to tell, I’m hopeful that these bloggers are focusing on less ‘truly exceptional’ pieces of content instead of many ‘good pieces” EXPERT INSIGHT: JOE PULIZZI, CONTENT MARKETING INSTITUTE

  • How to promote your content?

How do bloggers drive traffic to their blogs if they only do #sponsored blog posts? Below are some ways!

  1. They inform their readers on their social media platforms. They promote their blog posts there.
  2. Buying traffic- paid visitors.
  3. Being SEO-savvy and this makes it so much easier to drive your content with relevant keywords. These people usually are the one who drafts longer content and spend more time to create a blog post.
  • Measuring your “worth”

Social media is in its prime than never before. If we really break down the job, it’s communicating, creating, then measuring.

Many brands and creators are data and number driven, as this is what the price of content derive from. Remember that it’s important to check your content, measure your results. Get to know your audience before you lose them.

You have a long way to go, keep being consistent in what you do and consider following some of these tips along the way to perfecting your way of writing!